My Everyday Carry


submitted by thetragicmuse

  • Moleskin Notepad w/ Waterford pen
  • Cole Haan wallet
  • $1.16 always
  • Rolex 
  • Car keys
  • John Varvatos Aviators
  • iPhone
  • Butcher Knife (maybe not every day. Seriously, I guess lots of dudes are carrying knives these days)

Editor’s Note: Your gear looks nice but why have a money clip for a single dollar (when you have a Rolex and Benz too…)? And why 16 cents? 3 quarters, a dime, 2 nickels and 4 pennies makes much more sense. Regarding your guess about lots of dudes carrying knives these days: lots of dudes carry knives since there were pocket knives. You probably were just not aware ^_^.

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