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My Everyday Carry

Retired Printer in Dallas, TX

My daily carry:
Cree 7w 300LM flashlight
Cross aluminum bodied gel pen
Cadillac CTS-V key fob (you wanna race, kid?)
iPhone 4s, pretty much all 64 gigs maxed out with music and apps like iPee which locates the nearest public restroom
Phonak hearing aids.  You youngsters may snicker but these staggeringly expensive hearing aids allow me tune into  - or, more usually out of - your conversations from across the room.  Also, they Bluetooth to my iPhone so I can be listening to my music anytime without your knowing.  I’m not moving around like this because I’m senile you know.
CRKT rapid opening folder.  An absolute joy to hold in your hand.
Marley Hodgson Ghurka wallet.
Rolex DateJust with Jubilee bracelet.  A rare smooth-bezel three-quarters size because I inherited my mothers’ wrists and which I’ve worn almost daily since 1979. 
Eyeglass frames I wore in the early 80’s, now tricked out with self-dimming no-line bifocal lenses.  I am under the illusion they make me look younger and hipper.
All sitting on my very vintage, no-name leather bag.  Once, while checking it in the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry the nice lady at the desk asked me if she could touch it.  I does, indeed, feel very nice.  The strap is a nearly new Ghurka item.

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I am a Ghurka fan also, I carry an Examiner No. 5 and a classic wallet No. 101, nice set up
Im retired from IBM....look like something I would carry.....Have a White face TT DJ .....mostly wear GMT Pepsi since have a house in Phoenix and one in Houston and go back and forth with the two time zones.....love that bag.....I used one I bought in Mexico that looked it till i was forced to use an IBM issued bag. Love the Ghurka wallet and glasses too