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Retired Soldier in the UK

I’m a retired Soldier, and now work with youngsters in the outdoors. I’m also a budding photographer.
As well as spending much time outdoors with work, we also have several horses. The Viper Hold On is a fantastic knife for working at the yard.
This is my second para cord bracelet (Help for Heroes colours) as my first was used to repair a tent.
I’ve had the Gerber for over 20 years. It’s been with me through everything. I rate it over the Leatherman, as it can be used easily with one hand. This is very handy when rigging on top of a 200m mast!.
As a budding amateur photographer, I find the Lumia 1020 an excellent phone to use as a back-up camera.
The Casio Pro Trek is my favourite watch. It’s got me out of several scrapes, and is a real asset to navigation. People are always blown away by its (lack of) weight!.
Bottle opener is a sturdy effort that I found in an office drawer about 15 years ago.
My back pocket seems to eat wallets. That was until my wife bought me this hand made leather wallet from Nepal. So far it’s lasted 6 years, which is 4 years longer than anything previous.
The Silver pocket knife is a beautiful piece of engineering from the early 20th Century. My favourite thing about it, is that it fits in my wallet.

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