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submitted by Atvaark

Nice blog! Here’s my stuff:

  • Leatherman Blast
  • Moleskine notebook + pen
  • 4 GB USB key (credit card format)
  • iPhone 4 (used as flashlight if needed)
  • Archimede Pilot automatic wristwatch
  • vintage wallet (probably came from my grandparents or grand-grandparents, seems to be made out of some kind of lizard skin and is virtually indestructible)

Editor’s Note: Hey, great watch! That credit card flash drive is interesting as well — does it fit in your wallet (which by the way, looks like it could possibly be slimmed down a bit, but you seem to like it lots and it holds sentimental value…)? I’d also recommend maybe a pen with sturdier materials, but I realize some prefer disposable pens in case they lose them frequently… Anyway, cool stuff, thanks for sharing!

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