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Old Timey EDC:  Carried in the 30s.

This is a late 30’s Mini Trapper from Case.  The holster was made by my grandfather (some of the stitching is a bit crooked).  This was his EDC from around 10 until he was 76 and the people at the airport hassled him about it.  He would occasionally carry a hanky, a match (wax dipped, he told me), and a nickel as well.  He used the knife to whittle mostly, making short whistles in about two hours, with the right wood.  He gave it to me for safe keeping for my son, who was born on his birthday, June 9, 2010.  Pretty cool, huh? 

Editor’s Note: Super cool. I love gear with history and character. Keep it well!

Additional reading: my dad’s balisong

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