My Everyday Carry

Indianapolis, IN
I'm a multimedia marketing coordinator in Indianapolis and these are my everyday essentials.

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Ha i have that same wallet. Used it for a while til i found my naoloop. good job i like it
Nice to see someone else with a set of Klipsch earphones. I've had some people try to convince me their 3 times more expensive Bose phones are better and I am sorry but I just won't have it. Klipsch do some outstanding stuff!
I do a lot of editing both at home and in the office. I have a pair of on-ear Bose and over-the-ear Sennheiser headphones, but the best quality sound I get are from these Klipsch ear buds.
What carabiner do you have with the Sony USB Flash Drive?
I actually yanked that from a kitschy souvenir keychain. Wish I could be more help, but I just got lucky and repurposed it. Sorry.