3 weeks in Europe

This is my first submission, but I been a EDC'r for a long time. Some of this lives on me, and some lives in a leather briefcase (Jack Spade) with my laptop, the small bags help keep things organized and accessible as you can all imagine. Missing are watch (Maratac) card wallet (coach) and a dump wallet (cheap velcro)
I am sorry in advance for the not so great picture.

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Landed in Germany, no issues or inspections on entry. while in flight the firefight in Paris happened. I spent a week on base in Germany, then traveled to Paris, Venice and Rome. No issues with the gear, Thank you for the feed back, always 100% welcome and sanity check. It all worked out ok, i was happy with the setup, and it was definatley a worst case kit, which I think we all need to have these days.
Good for EDC in the US, hope customs isn't a pain. Knives, Baofeng, silver, etc may make you stand out a bit. I'd take one (smallest/least threatening) knife, no multi tool (maybe a small SD Swiss Army knife), leave the Baofeng, bring the silver. I'm retired military, CCW at all times in the States, and have traveled extensively. You may be the same as me, or even more experienced, I'm just letting you know my background so you know I'm not talking out of my a$$. Keep your head up, eyes open, and you'll be fine without the extra gear. Have fun and stay safe.