The Most Innovative Everyday Carry Releases This Week

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Whether you’re a seasoned EDC enthusiast or just getting started, these new releases are sure to reshape the way you carry and use your essentials.

Big Idea Design’s Ultem Pen Elevates Everyday Writing

A pen that writes well is best for everyday carry. But a pen that also looks great at the same time is a bonus. That’s why the new American-made and machined Ultem and titanium clip pen from Big Idea Design is a great candidate to be your next pocket daily driver. The hot translucent yellow from the US-made Ultem polyetherimide is becoming ubiquitous in everyday carry gear, but it’s not just for show. Using it in a fountain pen allows you to visualize the amount of ink you have left to work with, and it cuts a unique look in your hand compared to a basic clear plastic demonstrator pen you might find elsewhere.

And even if you’re new to fountain pens, the Big Idea Design Utem is a great place to start. That’s because the Kaweco nib on the pen writes very smoothly, with a fine line thickness that doesn’t feel as scratchy as other entry-level pens. And when comparing it to the feel of a cheap ballpoint, there’s no competition. Using the Kaweco nib also opens the wide world of swapping out nibs to the exact thickness that works for you because Kaweco sells those nibs in various sizes. The pen also comes with six Kaweco pearl black standard ink cartridges, and the more adventurous enthusiasts may attempt to fill the entire inner body of the pen with ink with a bit of silicone sealant to make for a tighter seal.

Luminox 3500 Masters Time with Military Precision

“All In All The Time” is one of the key mantras of the Navy SEALs, and Luminox celebrates this testament to unwavering commitment and resilience with the Navy SEAL 3500 “All In All The Time” watch. Crafted with a 45mm CARBONOX case and uni-directional bezel, this limited-edition timepiece combines lightweight carbon fiber with a robust construction to offer unparalleled durability. The watch’s face proudly bears the SEALs’ mantra, “All In All The Time,” embossed in gold color from 7-11 hours, a daily reminder to embody their relentless spirit. The gold-tone Navy SEAL trident logo on the case back juxtaposes the black-out design, creating an aesthetic of bold contrasts.

Thanks to its integrated Luminox Light Technology, the Luminox Navy SEAL 3500 shines continuously, ensuring 24/7 visibility in all conditions for up to 25 years. It’s powered by a Swiss Ronda 515 quartz movement that boasts a 50-month battery life and can withstand depths up to 200 meters. Its sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating ensures minimal scratches through any adventure. With only 775 pieces available globally, this timepiece is as exclusive as it is inspiring.

Vosteed’s Ankylo Knife Innovates at the Push of a Button

Vosteed is one of the most respected brands in the knife industry, so we’re all ears when they launch a Kickstarter campaign for a new knife. The Ankylo Knife by Vosteed was created by asking their customers what they wanted in a knife: a pivot that doubles as a button, a new lock mechanism, a comfortable design, a secure lock-up, and it has to be fun to use. The Ankylo delivers all that and more.

The Ankylo’s 3.18” Böhler Elmax reverse tanto blade is a workhorse. Elmax steel combines excellent edge retention, high wear resistance, good corrosion resistance, and ease of sharpening. The handle of the Ankylo is constructed from 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum, ensuring the ultimate weight-to-strength ratio. Every corner is double CNC chamfered, and the handle boasts a hard-coated matte finish with a machined texturized pattern for secure control even in adverse conditions.

What truly sets the Ankylo apart is its new and innovative V-anchor lock. A N52 neodymium cylindrical magnetic connector is discreetly inserted within the lock shaft. This ingenious design ensures that the lock button remains recessed even when the blade is closed, enhancing safety. In conjunction with the thick lock plate, the connector creates an integral fail-safe system. Whether the lock is engaged or not, there are always contacts among the three parts, providing stability and reinforcing the lock mechanism.

There are still a few days until the Kickstarter ends for an Ankylo in your choice of color, so be sure to check it out; standard disclaimer for being aware of how Kickstarter and crowdfunding work.

GORUCK’s GR1 Upgrades Offer Less Weight and More Utility

The GORUCK GR1 has reached a venerable spot in the everyday carry loadouts of enthusiasts everywhere, and one of the key reasons is the bombproof 1000D ballistic nylon construction of their original design. The use of high-denier fabric helps the bag resist damage from scratches and abrasion, and it provides inherent water resistance, thanks to the strength and density of the weaving. However, one significant downside is the overall weight of the bag, which can be too much for some users who are thinking about picking one up for their loadout. Users have also noticed that the abrasive ballistic nylon can rub and wear against softer clothing over time because everyday clothing isn’t built to the same bombproof specifications. Another much-requested quality-of-life upgrade seen in GORUCK’s more recent models is a quick-access top pocket that makes it extra useful during travel and has become a staple in modern daypacks or weekender backpacks.

To address this situation, GORUCK has made its first significant updates to its original GR1 design. The new GR1 now includes 210D CORDURA in the back panel and shoulder strap area, making for a better quality-of-life experience with the bag without compromising the reliability and durability of the overall pack. It makes for a more plush feel in your hands that does less damage to your clothes simultaneously. Plus, GORUCK has already tested the material swap in other parts of their line, and in our experience, it has resulted in much more enjoyable EDC packs. Each new GR1 from GORUCK is made in the USA, and while the new quick access pocket is limited to the Black and Ranger Green 21L, other colors and sizes are available with the 210D backing upgrade. We’ll watch for and report when the 210D and quick access pocket upgrades become standard additions to all future packs.

LOOP GEAR’s SK03 Pro Unleashes the Power of the Dark Side

We were highly impressed with LOOP GEAR’s SK03 compact light when we previewed it while it was on Kickstarter, and the Pro version adds even more functionality while retaining the same fit-in-your-palm, AA-sized form factor and dimensions. This aluminum version weighs a mere 65g (2.3oz) even with the battery, sporting an all-black aesthetic that LOOP GEAR aptly calls “Darth Vader.” Bright side LEDs make it easy to find in dark environments, while illumination is still handled by the same impressive 6500K Philip LED emitter that produces a max of 1,000 lumens.

Unique to the SK03 Pro is its special multi-functional bracket with a magnetic base that can be attached to metallic surfaces. This allows you to angle the light for hands-free use. The bracket also features a retractable stainless steel blade/bottle opener, providing even more utility. The SK03 Pro comes with a 14500 Li-ion battery with a built-in USB-C port for direct charging into the cell, removing the need for a separate external charger.

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