Updated EDC

Teacher (age 30)
Vancouver, Canada
It's been a while since my first EDC submission. Here is an updated version with my new acquisitions.

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Love the Delica! It was one of my first knives and after 3 years it's still a keeper!
I'm curious as to how do you carry your Leatherman Juice? Just in the depths of your pocket?
I keep the juice in the small change pocket of my jeans. That's the little one above the right front pocket
ok. I didn't even think of that! I'll have to try it. Does it get uncomfortable sitting down?
I don't really notice it when sitting down
How do you like your Hydro Flask? I have seen them around, but I wondered how they compare to a Klean Kanteen? It looks cool.
I don't have any experience with the Klean Kanteen. I've seen them around and they seem to be more readily available than the hydroflask. What I like about the flask is that it comes with different tops. You can get narrow or wide mouth bottles, as well as screw top, or sippy cup tops with straws for each bottle size. In terms of performance, I put ice and water in my flask on friday night, and I still had ice and water on sunday morning. No joke.
I love the Delica! Great EDC, friend.