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For those days spent only doing meetings, be it in person or on the phone.

For me, meetings are best done on dedicated days, allowing me uninterrupted focus on actual work the other days of the week.

Those days tend to be full of traveling (e.g. walking to a conference room, a taxi ride, etc), so I schedule phone meetings between the physical meetings.

The B&O headphones have noise cancellation and a built in microphone, the perfect headset for phone/skype meetings. (Plus, if I have a few minutes off, listening to Spotify with superb sound is a great way to relax.) The Lumia 950 has a great camera (20mp PureView Zeiss, the triple flash even makes a great flashlight) and a replaceable battery, an essential feature for me on such days. Being able to dock my phone when I am back in the office and use it like a real PC is also awesome (cf. https://www.microsoft.com/en/mobile/accessory/hd-500/ ).

The spare batteries for the phone and the headset are critical, no way I could charge either on such days.

The Fēnix 3 works well with the phone, discretely showing me incoming notifications and telling me when it is time to wrap up the meeting and move to the next. The screen is always on, so in a meeting I can check the time with a quick glance, no need to shake the wrist to wake it up. Plus, it is also a fitness tracker, and looks decent even if wearing a suit.

The Oreé Stylograph captures what I write/draw and makes it easy to store/share digitally. It also looks beautiful, I love using it.

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