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I'm afraid I just blue myself.
Nice TTi scales. I considered anodizing mine, but when I found out it would void the warranty I decided not to. I've already had to make use of the warranty once when the jaws snapped at the "crimper" (the only stupid thing about the entire tool because they aren't close enough to the pivot to crimp reliably and really only serve to weaken the jaws substantially.) Don't want to take chances like that, but it sure looks nice!
Same problem. If it was a Swiss knife I would have done it already, but between the fragility of the jaws on the pliers, and the bit driver, I don't doubt that I'd have to send it in for warranty eventually.
Curious as to what that little silver 'key' thing is on your keyring?
It's the Leatherman's "Lanyard Ring."
I'm one click away from buying the Fisher Space Pen in Blueberry. I love the color! How is the finish holding up?