Upgraded edc

Virginia Beach, VA
Upgraded my carry slightly. Added a thumb stud and pocket clip to the opinel. Also added the card tool and made a pouch for it. Just finished the pouch so we'll see how I like it.

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I really like the pocket clip on the Opinel. Any chance for a second pic from the side or a how to?
Thanks! Honestly I just copied what a guy on YouTube did. See the link below. The point of interest is in the first couple minutes. I found the exact same Walmart knife at the exact same price as in the video to canabalize for the clip. I drilled a pilot hole and attached the clip with a screw I already had. The opiniel has a pretty meaty pommel area so I'm pretty sure if the clip ever came loose I could drill all the way through and use a small bolt, but it has held up well so far. I'm also remembering that he used a vice to push the tabs of the clip into the handle. I don't have a vice so I used a hammer on a carpeted surface. Somewhat primitive but it worked.

Thx for info! I will watch the video and see if I can copy it - as Walmart isn't very common in Europe.
Nice work on the No. 8
Thanks! The pocket clip wasn't too tough to install and made the knife sit very nicely in my pocket. The thumb stud just installs with a set screw and one hand opening is basically a must. I did have to buy a small sanding drum to allow the blade to close with the stud installed, but still not much trouble.