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New Hampshire, USA
Some new things, some old things, some new old things.

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The link show that the knife you have is like 700$. Is it really that great?
I suppose it depends. If you're just looking for an edged tool that'll cut stuff, i'd save my money. For a custom knife collector like me, it's also about owning an object handmade by a master of his craft, about the impeccable fit and finish, unique design elements, higher end materials, etc.
I can understand that as a collector!! Custom knife have always been appealing but as a married college student they don't really show up on my radar. Thank for the reply.
I <3 Your Omega!
I love that Longclaw. Nice and clean carry.
Hey there what iPhone case is that?
It's made by Shinola (http://www.shinola.com/shop/leather/leather-iphone-6-case.html).
It's a really nice case, thanks for the link.