No frills EDC.


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1911 and mopar I what more do you need? Lol. I like it man.
Have you tried the Versacarry holster... thing yet? I have a very expensive shark skin IWB holster that I loved. Decided to try the Versacarry. Now every morning I'm getting dressed and I'll put the shark on and think of the cheap Versacarry and take the shark off because it's cooler, less bulky and if you carry between 4 and 5 o'clock like I do very comfortable even in the truck.
It would be hard to get to in my truck tho. So... I have a 5" Kimber in there. Locked in a safe, behind a top of the line security system.
I mean if one is good right? Lol
I'm also a gunsmith, if you carry your 1911 rather than a range toy, I would consider doing a slim grip on it. It takes slim: bushing screws and grips but it really adds a nice touch to your carry piece
Ah man...1911 and a Monster. Nice.I've got a Orange and Black best bang for buck for automatics.
You got that right!