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This buy far the best and most comfortable holster I've carried. Epic.

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Buy far...LOL! Gotta love autocorrect. By far. Geez...
I'll see if I can find one for my 4" I run a 22lb Spring tho. It protects the aluminum alloy frame and when I hunt I put a buffer in and it will run 45 super. Which hits harder than a 10mm. Do I have to change my guide rod from a one piece stainless steel?
Before you order measure your current guide and then see if it is compatible with the new flat spring. Mine didn't need to be swapped out, running factory guide.
Yus! Seriously can't go wrong with a 1911. There's a reason it's been America's gun for over 100 years, lol. I still like Glocks and innovation. There's just something about a 45 in JMB's 1911.
What have you done to it?
All springs have been swapped out with Wilson's, Reliability Job and Trigger job and Wilson Mags. If you haven't already, switch to Wilson's flat recoil spring. Oiled school round wire springs wear out around 1000 rounds or so, but the flat wires can go 3000 or so and are just snappier.