My First Ever Folder

Clerk (age 27)
Shah Alam, Malaysia
This Gerber LST is my first ever proper folding knife i had ever own. Prior to this the only blade that i'd carry is a small blade on my Victorinox and later Gerber Dime. I was not convinced that i would need a bigger blade until i found this site. Being timid at first, i opted for a plain unassuming knife and that was then, and now i had like 4 folders in my rotation lol.

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J hit the nail on the head. My last knife purchase was $600 my better half still glares at me when I use it. I keep telling here "Glaring won't get you diamonds." I do not see moving back into the house anytime soon. My dog likes the company though. Plus I've already been eyeing another knife lol.
Congrats! You officially will always be searching for your next. We've all got the knife bug. I've had a few of those myself. Gerber makes a great knife. Again welcome to the club. If you have any questions or need help don't hesitate to ask. It's why we're here.