Simple Weekender

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Keeping it simple on a Saturday

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I'm in love with that Cryptic knife. Also, I like how you combined those colors - gray, black and red.
Thank you so much for the comment! I like to carry with style and try to match my gear when I can.
Thanks for all the advice. I've sent my pen over to fisher they're going to repair or replace it so it's a win win!!!
Good news! The guys over there are cool, you'll be a happy customer either way !
I have the same space pen, but I'm having problems with the cartridge think I have the wrong size as it seems to wobble when writing, but the same cartridge in my chrome space pen is fine? Can you help???
those two pens are identical, only difference is the finish over the brass (chrome vs matte black) - if you've got play in your black pen it's possible (but unlikely unless you've been stabbing sheetmetal) the taper near the tip has somehow gotten damaged or warped. there are no spacers inside the pen - it's just a hollow tube, built to fit snugly around the SPR4 refill. only other thing i can think is to check the threads and make sure they're completely tightened up to the o-ring.
I would agree with Mementosis, I think its exactly what said, or in another rare case, the refill cartridge dimensions are off
nice collection of kit - but why is the clip on your bullet attached to the pen-half and not the cap-half?
Because of a funny story, I've waited a month or so on clips, and then I kept loosing the caps and had the clips on them, so I thought it was better to loose a cap and not the cap and clip together haha
haaaha that IS a funny story. i've got the same pen, it was clipped in my pocket and slid out of the clip - pen landed in the pocket, clip landed... somewhere.

awesome pen with an awful clip.
I wish if they would add some sort of magnet so the clip or cap wouldn't fall off. I have a brass/ matte black and a brass/blue and silver clip combo haha
Wow very nice, but as ian said, that's not a cadet! ;)
Yup, sorry for that
That looks like a rambler and not a cadet.
I'm guilty there, I just tagged the first item that showed up when I wrote Swiss Army Alox