Alpha Kit

Junior Art Director (age 23)
Sydney, Australia
I'm a level 68 alpha survival boy.

1x Cucumber
I always carry an 11 inch tactical cucumber wherever I go. You just never know when you will have to defend yourself.

1x Blockbuster Membership
A staple in any true survivalist's kit.

1x Hunting Knife
When I'm not using this hunting knife to unbox apple products on Youtube, I use it to reassure myself of my masculinity when I'm feeling insecure.

1x Field Notes Expedition
I only bought it to taking pictures like this.

1x John Farnham’s ‘Then Again’
Remarkable. What more could I say?

4x Loose matches
Because only beta fuckboys trust electricity.

1x Vaseline Tube
I like to stay wet and ready to escape in any situation.

1x Screwlock Carabiner
Only the weak take the elevator. I prefer to leave the office via abseil. It keeps my skills sharpened and is always a fantastic water cooler conversation.

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You totally forgot your tactical tacticool WARFIGHTER pen. So you can kick ass and takes names, and then sign a few autographs for the senoritas while pounding back ice cold cervezas.
Cucumber and Vaseline in the same EDC photo. >_<
Jajajaja, very funny!