School Loadout

This is what I carry when I go to school. A laptop for notes, water, a multitool, and a microfiber cloth for wiping my nasty prints off the phone and Surface screens.

The Goruck pack is magical. It's tough as nails and because it has a rectangular priofile (instead of triangular like most backpacks) I can stuff it with books or papers and not worry about the tops of the papers getting curled or damaged.

The Surface is also amazing. I use it for all my classes to take notes and I can write equations on the screen with the pen instead of having to type out the equations in Word.

The Rotring fountain pen was given to me by my father. I don't think you can get them anymore, which is too bad because the pen writes so smooth. I love it. I use it when I need to write and can't or don't feel like using my laptop.

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