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I also will sometimes just leave my multi tool or larger folder in my backpack in the car or something but I usually always have that obake on me as an IWB carry knife. It is a perfect design for that. Super comfy and lightweight and it has some great tactical implications in its design which is why its my go to fixed blade. I modified the rip cord and stuff a bit though to make it fit my carry more.
I have many larger locking folders. All different kinds. I rotate my knife carry often. I usually throw in a smaller carry more conservative looking knife though for public use. I don't particularly like whipping out my bigger folders or fixed blades in a crowded public place as it can cause unease and wary glances, I don't want to make some mother feel unsafe for her children in the grocery store or something. I also just find them useful for smaller cutting tasks when a larger blade and handle may be too bulky or get in the way. I do ALWAYS carry a primary folder or fixed blade for tougher tasks or self defense though. Check out some of my other posts I have quite a few of my knives posted on here.
Don't be bothered. This is functional, unique, and yours. I am curious why people carry small folders like the Case rather than a locking blade, given the legal option. Which is your go-to blade usually?
Friction folders (Case style) are easier to use in public around those sheepish around or about knives. Also it's just nice to pull out, open and use a nice friction folder. They make you slow down and just enjoy using them. At times I carry an small fixed blade, locking folder and a friction folder.
yep exactly what I do as well, I like to switch it up pretty often with the small fixed blades and folders but I definitely have my go to few. I would say the main staples in my carry tend to be my Case Sodbuster, one of my crkt folders like the Ken Onion Swindle, the Ripple and a small fixed blade like my obake or folts minimalist bowie. I also like to have my leatherman wave either on me with the pocket clip, in place of a larger folder these days and if i have a lockback folder then the wave is nearby in my backpack's front pocket for ease of use.
Im a slimmer guy though. So the weight of the leatherman wave on my front pocket can be inconvenient at work and im not big on belt pouches so im exploring some options there currently.