Haverhill, MA
I'm a big fan of the Keep It Simple philosophy, especially with regard to EDC, and find myself perplexed when I see peoples' EDC include items like excessively large keychains, bulky multitools (when was the last time you used the saw on that leatherman workbench in your pocket?), or a cube of titanium (?). If it doesn't serve some practical purpose on a somewhat regular basis, I see no need to carry it around with me all day long.

I keep larger EDC items (knives, flashlights, first aid, fire, electronics, etc) in my vehicle, or in a day pack on trips or while hiking, but I find these items are generally more of a burden to keep on my person throughout the course of my day to day routine. I'm always interested in buying and trying new EDC gadgets, but find that most of the time, they end up sitting on the shelf for lack of use. In my pockets at any given time are the items pictured above. These are the ones that seem to have "made the cut" over the years.

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I totally agree with the KISS philosophy.. 👍🏼