Ultralight EDC

This is my Ultralight "Low profile" EDC. It's smaller than a smartphone, so it fits comfortably in my pocket.

The fresnel lens (which is about the size of the container) and the firesteel are underneath other items so they are not visible in the photo.
Also, underneath the fresnel lens I have a money bill.

The hair pins and safety pin have been modified to allow for some simple lockpicking. The fresnel lens is tough enough to bypass some simple locking mechanisms. The nail clippers are very sharp and can cut a lot of stuff, I'm still at awe with what I can achieve with it.
The Thrunite Ti (1st generation) is one of the first flashlights made by Thrunite. This was actually a freebie from Thrunite when I bought the T10 (also first generation, also still going strong). It's so simple that just can't go wrong, never let me down.
The container is also from Thrunite, came with the TiS.

All items fit so well inside the container that most of them allow me to remove them without messing with the rest.

It took me a long time to reach this selection of tools/items, and as you would expect this is an evolving EDC. It keeps changing as my needs change.
If I can't take anything else with me, this has a lot of stuff that can help me in a lot of different situations.

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