EDC of a Small Business owner

I am in the EDC game producing premium pocketools and bottleopeners. This means alot of running aroud. So I always need some stuff on me, and being an edc-er its gotta be good stuff !! My Park sloper sr to keep track of my expenses and ideas on the go. A hank by hank for style and practicality, a show knife and my work horse, I dont smoke but I always have a lighter, a nice pen for a great writing experience, one of my bottle openers for entertainment and popn' bottles (they are great conversation starters). Lastly my Enigma Pocket probe, to tackle any edc task thrown my way.

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OMG I thought this EDC looked familiar!! I follow you on instagram!
That's a fantastic pen choice. I carry a 1948 Parker Vacumatic Major daily. Amazing nib, large ink capacity, and classy art deco styling. Nice to know that someone else is rocking one, too.