Monsters Ball

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Two Must Have Watches. The Iconic Black & Orange Monsters. Probably The Best Automatic For The Money Out There.

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My exact EDC watch configuration on the left :) Love it! Although, I need to get it properly serviced. I dropped mine while changing the bracelet and had to spend weeks trying to calibrate the speed after I re-attached the rotor...Still can't get it quite right :/
That's what I love about automatics. You can work/repair them. Keep at it search YouTube for tutorials. Horology is something that requires one to get into the bits to properly learn. Do give up!
Thanks, man. I won't. It's so cool learning about how intricate this stuff is, yet completely analog. There's something pretty beautiful about harnessing simple physics to make a killer watch.
Must definitely. I view Autos as living things. Each was a soul of it's own.
Most definitely.....