EDC Pocket Dump for Suburbanite Prepper

Engineer (age 41)
EDC Pocket Dump
- Trayvax Axis Wallet – A great minimalist wallet that can still hold plenty of cards and cash.
- iPhone 6s w/ Spigen Tough Armor – The case is low profile, protects the screen, slides in and out of my pocket easily
- $20 bill – I included this not because I carry it but instead how I carry it. I wear a 5.11 leather belt that happens to have a small elastic pouch designed for a handcuff key sewn on the inside face. While I have not found the need to have a handcuff key hidden on my belt (yet), an extra $20 folded in that pouch has come in handy.
- Skinth P3MT – The best pocket organizer I have found. Easily slides into my front pocket when wearing jeans or khakis. Also, fits nicely into a cargo pocket or placed on the nightstand in the evening.
-- Schrade Pocket Tool – Great bottle opener and a good alternative to using my knife to pry something small open.
-- Sabre 3n1 Pepper Spray – Just in case
-- Fisher Cap-O-Matic Space Pen – Easy to use and always works no matter the surface.
-- Benchmade Griptilian Sheepsfoot – Good all around pocket knife.
-- Breath Savers – Beats my old pack a day habit
-- Kingston USB Drive – Good backup drive and rugged enough to survive several washer and dryer cycles
-- True Utility Key Shackle – Keeps keys flat next to each other and easy to add to.
-- Streamlight ProTac 1L – 350Lumen and can run off 1x CR12A or AA battery.


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