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Ontario, CA

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Nice EDC. The Everyman Grafton pen is my favorite pen, hands down.
Thank you. I like the Grafton a lot. It replaced my Zebra F-701 after it broke. It is a bargain considering the price of other machined pens out there.
The ZZ Top key chain. Love it! I've had mine for about 30 years. Haven't ever seen anyone (other than the obvious) with one of them. That's awesome.
Thanks! I had wanted one since I watched their music videos as a kid. Always been a fan. I'm glad they still make them.
How do you like your field notes journal cover? I've been looking for one, but haven't found one I liked yet.
I really love it. I did some research before I decided on this one. The leather and stitching is a nice quality. It is rigid enough to protect your book, but soft enough to still be comfortable in your back pocket. The main selling feature for me was the full length pockets for the notebook covers. Most other notebooks are only half length, and they don't hold the field notes in place as well. Also the free laser engraving is a nice personal touch. For me it is the perfect cover. If I ever lost or damaged it I would buy another without a second thought, and I think that is one of the highest compliments I can give.
Thoughts on the Launch 4?
It's an impressively solid little knife. Deploys with authority. The blade steel is great and mine came so sharp that you could literally shave your arms bare. The blade is all belly with a wicked tip and is slices and pierces very well for its size. It is a small knife, but the handle is simple and comfortable; I can manage a 3 finger grip and some wiggle room with my medium sized hands. The fit and finish is great and the blade coating seems like it will last. At its size I wouldn't say being an auto is super necessary, but it gives it a cool factor that will impress your friends. I think it's a great knife and despite being small it is well built and performs. I'd say it's actually a really good deal for what you get. Whew. I sound like a Kershaw sales rep now.
Awesome edc. Just curious, are autos legal where you live or is it legal because of how small it is? Cheers!
Thank you. Autos are illegal to carry where I live (CA) unless the blade is under 2 inches. The Launch 4 is 1.9 inches and is specifically billed as being CA legal, so it's fair game :)