New additions Fall 2016

Unemployed (age 23)
Anytown, USA
Since my last edc I've updated a few things and added others.
My keychain got updated to an s-biner and got a new mazda. My keys are in the background for clarity. A folding wallet carries my stuff since my last wallet fell apart. My Gerber dime broke so I threw in a new leatherman wave which can tackle heavier tasks. I attached a strong magnet to my leatherman to hold screws and junk.
My last pen was cheap and I purchased a metal bodied pen which feels great to write with in my rite in the rain notepads. In the fire making dept. I've got a dependable old fashioned zippo and a firesteel for shtf scenarios where I might run out of fuel in my zippo to make flames. I've added a pepper spray to my carry which gives me confidence going places alone and to allow me to defend myself if man or beast may strike, giving me the edge in getting my ass out of there and is non-lethal. I've got a glow stick in there next to the spray mainly because if I'm out of battery in my flashlight I have a temporary way of light. There's an aluminum whistle, some pocket change, chapstick, a sharpie, my bandana, and in the back is my favorite hat from ITS tactical and my merona furry lined fleece hoodie because it's cold outside. Happy trails.

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