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Looking good buddy! I love seeing my product getting good use. :)
That Raptor, man, it's one of those really good investments. I really did need a pry bar just like that many times before
Nice stuff but this kit seems to have a lot of redundancy in it.
I beg to differ, I was on a trip that needed a pair of stuff to make the trip more easier, i needed two flash lights so I could lend my partner one when needed, I have the Boker knife for food and the Kershaw for other stuff like cutting rope or chip some wood or twigs. And the other tools fit right in each for their purpose even though they probably have a common use
I understand. Keep up the good work, mate :)
No worries and you too bud !
If you want a $ 100.00 pry bar, and a $ 200.00 manual screwdriver in your EDC kit. Accompanied by similarly overpriced trinkets, good luck mate!
If it's worth it I'll buy it :) I don't know where you got your prices from but anyways thanks for wasting your time and passing by leaving a "cheap" comment
Does somebody need a hug?
I have no clue as to why anyone would just pop up and just say something like that.
As I can see, you are using the Mininch Tool Pen. Can you say something about the quality of the bits please. I really like the design, but it's more important for me to get well made bits.
I haven't taken them to the extremes yet, so far they have done well with what I used them for, I would say and that is only my opinion that they are not totally HEAVY DUTY, the pen design won't allow it, if you push hard the bits inside the pen will come out from the back because there is no locking mechanism for it. This is the old version maybe they have fixed this issue on the newer model
Thank you very much for your opinion!
I purchased both, the mini and the premium edition. Both are well made! I'm absolutely happy with these great tools.
Nice! I know they are just simply awesome! If you ever take them to the extreme, please share your experience with me, I'd love to know how far they'll reach