Christmas Day Carry

Chicago, IL
Not pictured that effin Fisher Space Pen, Black with Clip and Word Notebook Bandanna Print...

I tend to carry a heavier CCW on days I don't have to work... The P11 has been steady and reliable. Also better option than my smaller "Workday" EDC (S&W BG 380). The P11 is better in that it is 9mm, higher capacity and has no safety. I know they say carry the same all the time... I don't. I do train with both every time I get to the range. Both of my carry guns are DAO and polymer... I have mixed emotions on the FoxX Holster, maybe if I swapped the clips for loops it would be better. The holster is built as hell, but the clips are its shortcoming, for sure.

As always the Keysmart rules, super quiet in the pocket highly organized. Distil Union Wally, minimal and functional. Keyshaw Cryo is a rockstar EDC knife if legal in your area; stays sharp assisted opening is blazing fast, I cannot say enough about this knife. Magpul bumper on the IPhone has proven to be more than enough protection. That phone has skipped off the roof of my Subaru more than once and is still ticking... My Hugsby flashlight is approaching "well used" status at sub 10 bucks and a year in pocket, I can't complain but I can say that my next flashlight will be longer as this one is less long than my palm is wide.

All in all, these items, as a system, work out pretty well. I fear nothing with this rig... All of these will work well when needed. Everything is affordable enough to loose if needed and I am only emotionally attached to the Cryo as it was a gift. The only shortfall is the lack of a multi tool.

Multi tools: I have been back and forth with the Alox Cadet as a multi option tool... Our relationship is complicated. The Alox does what I need, but I'm not happy with it. It doesn't have pliers, which is an itch I just need to scratch. I have been reconsidering the Squirt since the loss of my Clutch which was the bomb (yep that's right, the bomb)... I have determined that the Dime can suck it, and go live in a junk drawer somewhere. It's bottle opener is lame at best... more on that quest later.

Thanks for stopping in and having a look! If you have any questions or comments alway happy to answer. Carry Harder.

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