Urban Chrome


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Would definitely like a set of those picks. Not available on Amazon though! Bugger.
How often do you use those picks? As I would definitely say
A triple peak pick would round that out very nicely. Probably one of the most valuable and effective options.
Why are the keys blurred if you don't mind me asking?
Yeah I bet nobody would try and track you down, but hey, you never know it's better to be safe than sorry !
It's possible to copy a key from a picture. But in reality, not worth the effort since it would be quicker and easier to just pick the lock with tools like those also shown in the post. And any criminal will just break in, they won't take the time to file out a key based on a picture and hope it works.
I never knew that! Thank you for sharing that info! The post is great but the blurring just caught my eye.