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Fort Myers, Florida
The stuff that usually tags along with me, Usually carried in a Maxpedition soft shoulder bag.

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Nice P938! And Microtech!
Nice setup. I love my 938. You might want to acquire a quality holster for such a quality firearm. Might I suggest Lima Lincoln Concepts. They make high quality custom kydex and hybrid holsters, mag carries and sheaths. https://m.facebook.com/limalincolnholsters/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=1
Thanks, I'll check them out. I actually use a pocket holster for my 938. It is a great little gun. I just picked up a 226 Mark 26 Navy with a Streamlight Green Laser combo. Cant wait to shoot it. I got into night shooting and was in dire need of a proper light.
I also pocket carry the 938 it works very well for me .

You do not care about flashlight? Mine did not last a month. Worth investing is better.
I have had great luck with mine I guess. Works great
What kind of Porsche do you drive?
Any issues with he AWD setup?
Not at all. Car has been bulletproof for the first 40K miles. AWD is awesome with our crazy amounts of rain here in FL.