Overnight Bag (Survey)

Archaeologist (age 45)
Tempe, AZ
On archaeological surveys, this is my basic survival kit, designed for unexpected, short-term stays in the backcountry. My Oakley Icon 3.0 backpack also contains a Brunton 8099 Eclipse compass, spare bootlaces, two 64-oz Kleen Kanteens with water, field notes, Pentax WG-30 waterproof camera, LG G5 cell 'phone, first aid kit, and Trimble Geo XT GPS.

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Tell me a little about the phosphorescent dots? Seems like something I may need
I got them at a gun show. I wish I could tell you who the seller was. It was a DIY kind of business. They have little phosphorescent pellets that are suspended in a fairly hard resin. He also had some panels, which were the same pellets, in a flat, vacuum-sealed bag. Sorry I don't have any contact info. I wish I at least knew what the pellets are made of.
Do you hate snakes too? I don't see a snake bite kit. Great unique carry!
I do hate snakes. I run into them all the time, but so far, we've peacefully parted company. I don't know why I didn't think of a snakebite kit. Is there one you'd recommend? The last ones I remember - and this was way back - had two rubber suction things and a razor blade. I'm assuming they've evolved somewhat.