Overnight Bag (Survey)

Archaeologist (age 45)
Tempe, AZ
On archaeological surveys, this is my basic survival kit, designed for unexpected, short-term stays in the backcountry. My Oakley Icon 3.0 backpack also contains a Brunton 8099 Eclipse compass, spare bootlaces, two 64-oz Kleen Kanteens with water, field notes, Pentax WG-30 waterproof camera, LG G5 cell 'phone, first aid kit, and Trimble Geo XT GPS.

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I would have thought you would include a fixed blade knife for a kit like this. Also a more durable lighter/firestarter than a disposable plastic one.
Can't find the Coughlin link! Great carry!
Would help if I spelled it right, LOL. http://www.coghlans.com/
Ah got it! Thx mate!
why is everything linked to amazon ? the sling ""link" takes to slings but not the type of sling you have slung ...
Because they make money that way...
Yeah, sorry. Not my doing.
What do you use this sling for? Is it accurate?
In theory, you could use it to hunt small game. With practice, it can be very accurate. Truth be told, I haven't been practicing.
What's the vinyl tubing for? Just curious.
A straw, for small, otherwise-inaccessible pockets of water in rock formations. Can also serve as a tourniquet, if needed.
"otherwise-inaccessible pockets of water in rock formations" I must have missed what type of water filter you recommend.
Tell me a little about the phosphorescent dots? Seems like something I may need
I got them at a gun show. I wish I could tell you who the seller was. It was a DIY kind of business. They have little phosphorescent pellets that are suspended in a fairly hard resin. He also had some panels, which were the same pellets, in a flat, vacuum-sealed bag. Sorry I don't have any contact info. I wish I at least knew what the pellets are made of.
Check out https://www.uvpaqlite.com/ -- I have the UVO necklace and they glow extremely well, especially with a quick charge from a flashlight.
Just checked it out. That's got to be the same guy! I got a couple of the panels too. Glad to see he's got a website going. Awesome products.
Do you hate snakes too? I don't see a snake bite kit. Great unique carry!
I do hate snakes. I run into them all the time, but so far, we've peacefully parted company. I don't know why I didn't think of a snakebite kit. Is there one you'd recommend? The last ones I remember - and this was way back - had two rubber suction things and a razor blade. I'm assuming they've evolved somewhat.
This kit is also missing a fedora.