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I see a NiteIze DooHicKey, I upvote. Is that the one in black? Can't see very well..
Titanium I believe.
So cool! Is that a customised leather bracelet on the Timex watch?
It is a Worn & Wound Model 2 band, cordovan color.
Awesome piece!
Cool eyeglasses screwdriver. Gotta score one for me. Cool little addition for a buck fifty.
Definitely. You won't need it much, but it's great to have when you do.
Cool EDC. What's the knife for?
Knives have been used in various forms for at least two-and-a-half million years. Many types of knives are used as tools. Some are used for preparing and eating food. Some types of knives are used as weapons, such as for self-defense. Some types of knives are used as sports equipment. Knives are also used in agriculture, food harvesting etc. Due to its role as humankind's first tool, certain cultures have attached spiritual and religious significance to the knife. A knife is a truly versatile and quintessential tool. Your imagination is the limit as to what a knife can be used for.