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Deciding what to carry with you on a daily basis may seem like a no brainer, just pick something and toss it in your pocket. As many EDCers know it is far from simple. What we carry is very personal, and we put alot of trust into our gear and often times are willing to pay a hefty price tag. We EDC to make life easier. We EDC because the hunt for that perfect item brings us joy. Here are some of the items ive acquired over the last few years that have become staples in my everyday carry and most likely have a permanent spot.

Ferrum Forge -Septer

If you haven't heard of Ferrum Forge you absolutely need to go on youtube and look them up. Ferrum Forge is a duo of brothers (Chris and Elliot) working in a small shop located in San Diego California, specializingspecializing in Mid-Tech knives. Thier portfolio is a mixture of original and collaboration designs with some of the big names in EDC , such as Gavko, Chaves and les George. Thier style is very minimal and robust ( of course this doesn'tdoesn't include the Makers Choice) sticking to clean lines and an understated color pallet. Ferrum Forge has earned a space in my pockets simply becauseI trust thier craftsmanship. Chris and Elliott build beautiful knives that are user serviceable and can take a good beating.

RB Tools - The Enigma Pocket Probe

Yes I make this tool but allow me to tell you why. In the sea of pocket tools there are plenty of fish to choose from. Everyone has thier own needs that are best taken care of by a specific set of tools. The Enigma Pocket Probe is no different. The Enigma Pocket Probe wasnt made to be the ultimate slayer of all other pocket tools. Its design was born because despite the plethora of pocket tools available none were what I was looking for. The biggest draw back of the pocket tools available (in my opinion) are that they are atleast 50% wrenches. I dont need wrenches, in my daily life, anything over a 1/4 is the last on the list of needs. So I sought out to make a tool that fits my needs. The Enigma is equipped with 2 rulers ( 1.5" and 22mm) a pry head (nail notch available), bottleopener, 1/4 hex, ball detent Philips and flat head bit, and a set of tweezers. This tool has been used by me every single day for the last year. Although only having 6 intended functions I have found this tool to be useful for hundreds of tasks. It has definitely gotten rid of most of lifes "if only I had a...." moments. Many others have taken notice of its utility and that is why it is now available for everyone.

Karas Kustoms-Bolt

Made in Mesa Arizona the Karas Kustoms bolt is just a good all around pen. The bolt makes it a fun pen to play with and adds that extra little uniqueness to an otherwise simple looking pen. It works well and Is the only ballpoint pen I have carried since I purchased the Bolt back in 2014. The bolt mechanism is very simple and effortless to use. I choose the Bolt because I preferred the click style actiom over sweeping my finget across the barrel to manipulate a bolt screw. Are there better bolt style pen out there, maybe but the Bolt satisfies me enough to where I dont need to seek another solution for my pen needs.

Hell bent Holsters - Combat wallet 2cw

Made by a badass guy named Glade out of Texas. I have carried a combat wallet since shortly after the release of the original CW (the one without the removable clip). Although I do sometimes miss the extra space a conventional wallet has I much prefer my wallet not looking like a trash can. With the combat wallet you are restricted to a set number of cards and cash, thats it. Honestly somenof us need that restriction, I know I did. Its easy to over stuff a leather wallet with all sorts of junk. As far as wallets go there isnt much to say. Its a great wallet that looks fantastic and feels fantastic. You dont feel it in your pants (im a front carry) despite the rigidity and the looks of interest people give you when you use it is pretty cool. My favorite thing about this wallet has to be one small simple thing. If you drop it you will hear it. Thats more the byproduct of it being plastic then anything but it has saved me a lost wallet a handfull of times. This is another product that I dont feel ill ever be finding a replacement for, well of course unless its for another hell bent wallet.

Thank you to whomever actually read all this. It wasnt supposed to be long, but you know coffee happened. Have a great day !

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