My real, simple, if I lost a piece I wouldn't be devastated EDC

These are the things that, along with my phone, go on me or in my pockets every day. It is simple and inexpensive. If I lose all or part, instead of being traumatized, it is fun to see if I can get a replacement that I like as much.
I take this to work, on campouts with my boys and to church on Sunday.
Keep it simple my friends!

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I love the concept. Very practical and well rounded carry. Very nice.
I have a buddy who in one day lost an Omega watch, a Benchmade and some sweet sunglasses- all due to an emergency pack-up and go situation on the Salmon river. He was sick! I had envied his gear until that day.
That story makes me sick to my stomach. I know how it feels tho. That's the exact time when I lose things. When I'm rushed and have to do a lot. I've learned to carry only my favorite items on weekends or going out somewhere.