History Teacher/Indiana Jones

New Jersey
APUSH and APGOV teacher in New Jersey, graduate student, part time Indiana Jones

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Love the hat. Grew up looking att Indiana Jones Movies. Try to pass that on to my kids! As J.S Leonard sad, love the satchel too. Do you have the matching leatherjacket also that Mr. Jones had in the Movies?
I do; the one I have is a cowhide, and pretty heavy. Eventually I'll get a lighter weight lambskin.
A real fan I understannd! So what do you do has part time Indiana Jones?
Travel a lot, teach high school and college, and cosplay at cons :)
Quite busy them, I suppose?
VERY nice collection. Love the Leather tobacco satchel. I'm saving for a Adventurebilt Raiders Hat. AT $650 it's a major purchase for a hat. But it's from a movie supplier and authentic. A small price for Indy junkies.

I have an Adventurebilt Raiders for events and cosplay, but this is an Advintage Harrison in beaver that I wear every day.