85% Form, 15% Function (Formal Carry)

Tampa Bay Area, Florida
This is my first submission! When I dress up, this is what I carry on my person. I got my start into leathercraft in 2015, and made all of the leather items seen here. Being in church ministry, I carry a bible with me wherever I go. I don't smoke, but it's good to carry a form of fire in any EDC. The CRKT Pilar knife was an anniversary gift from my wife with our wedding date inscribed on the handle. I carry the NSA challenge coin ironically.

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Nice work in handmade items!
(grabs a calculator)--"the math checks out"
Nice carry, by the way. I'm a big fan of leather.
Lol, THANKS, man! I pick up my leather on eBay from leftover "scrap" lace leather, which has a good heft to it. I like the idea of rescuing it for a new use!