Long Weekend Gear

In the zippered side I carry a small first aid guide, Benadryl, Gravol, Pepto tabs, gauze, more bandaids, and some Gorilla tape.

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So, your my new co worker pack that up we are operating in Moldova this weekend. All joking aside. I use to think I was the over prepped boy scout and more than a little self-conscious. Then I found this site. Nice rig looks like you got it covered.
2 folding knife, 1 fix blade and 1 folding is better with me
That's quite the comprehensive set up. I'm afraid I'll have to borrow a couple of ideas for mine.
Thanks, go ahead glad to help. Has taken some time to figure out what items to carry.
Would you carry so much if you were not a long haul truck driver? Not being a smart ass, just wondering if your gear would change if you went home each night after work and resupply was easier.
Being a long haul driver did influence my decisions on what to carry, but now that same pouch goes every where I go. I spend a lot of time outdoors in the bush and it is always in my backpack. If I was to get home everyday I don't think I would change it.
Thanks very much
Your welcome