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How do you like the sentinel clip? Is it a good utility knife? I've been looking at them for a while now but I haven't made the call on it yet. Is the blade thin? does it wiggle when u cut with it? Ever since I used my leather man saw to cut thin 1/16 wood and it bent, I've been weary of using anything other then a real pocket knife for utility purposes. I realize leather man isn't victorinox I've just never handled one and for some reason feel like they would possibly be similar in style. Sorry for the lengthy comment, just searching for that perfect EDC set up haha.
It doesn't wiggle at all because of its locking steady mechanism. Its sharpness is acceptable. I like its steel clip; so neat and sticks the knife in the place so well. For this price with considering its price, one hand open mechanism and its steel; it is a good option. I prefer the serrated.
Also check DE soldier model of this brand.