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That seems like a lot to carry in your pockets but to each his own.
Not really. I normally carry more extremely comfortably. Watch is on wrist, Spider Monkey is clipped in pocket, Cadet is in R pocket, Mjolnir is in R pocket, Pill Fob R pocket, Light & Pen clipped in back pocket and keys are rarely in my pockets.
It's all in wear quality trousers. I wear Mountain Khakis and Kuhl Rydr trousers.
Don't sweat it bro...How you carry is as important as the what...
Right on Brother!
Deep comment, lots of feeling...bro
...And then there's this guy....
Cut him some slack, he's Canadian eh and a Bluejay fan. Couldn't cut it as a municipal, provincial or federal law enforcement in Canada. So he got sent to be a jailer (Correctional Officer) and feels because his life didn't turn out the way he wanted it so he bashes or attempts to bash others to feel good about himself. But in reality he comes off as a douchebag. Oh wait....His initials are DB. Priceless!!!
Nothing an E-TOOL and 6 months of filling HESCO's wouldn't cure...
Google says the Nova Scotia prison population hovers around 1100...Being Canada, how hard can it be? I mean really...What' do ya have to do to get incarcerated in Nova Scotia? Catch a salmon out of season and wear it for underwear?!?
DB needs understanding and we honestly should lead by example. He spouted off and got corrected.
Roger. May I suggest push-ups..