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How long have you had that Timex?
Amazon receipt says 6/20/14. I just spruced it up with that latest olive NATO strap last week though.
Oh right on! Everyone I ask has only had them for like a month. Good to know it's lasted and that NATO strap looks clean.
Thanks. It is a solid watch for the price. The brass case is starting to show some nice patina. The indiglo went out on it in the first year though-- a problem I have run into with a few Timex analog watches. I never really used the light so not a huge deal. I wish they would just put some better lume dots on the hour marks and watch hands and do away with the indiglo. But I guess that is one of their signature features.

If you are thinking about getting one, you should go for it IMO. I paid about $44 for it back in 2014 so it looks like the price has come down since then also.