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same here sir.....i went through alot of searching ,trial and error before i settled on the 938 ...it was an expensive decision but money well spent and ive never regretted it even for a second...out of all the similar sized handguns the 938 stands alone at the top in its performance [at least in my opinion]...handguns of that particular size are not typically know for their accuracy but the 938 shines in that area for sure...and it just feels so dam good ...lol
No sir not your opinion but fact. The 938 as tested by anyone who's reviewed it even Glockolites have said it in the best EDC compact/mouse pistol available. The price isn't that bad. By the time you upgrade a Glock 43/42 to be equally equipped as the 938 they are about the same price. I got my 938 nightmare brand new with spare 7 round extended mag for $710 out the door.
i think i paid 750 for the scorpion w/the extra mag ...but i see your point and your right....i needed a CC gun that wouldn't get in my way at work and it fits that bill perfectly ...i hardly know its there...its getting some wear on the paint job but its honest wear from daily carry so i dont mind it at all...i love the way it handles and shoots ...i have others i carry every now an then but i always find myself going back to the 938 !