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I just ordered a 938 Extreme. Do you like yours?
Justin ..i more than like it ...it has surpassed ALL expectations i had ...it is BY FAR the most accurate gun of it size on the market today ...i tried a TON of smaller handguns before finally settling on the sig p938...i needed a carry gun that wouldn't get in my way while i am at work and was easy to conceal even in the summer time wearing shorts etc and the 938 fits that bill perfectly ...now i dont carry it JUST to work it has become my primary carry gun anytime i leave the farm ...i would highly recommend the p938 ...if i had to say ANYTHING negative about the 938 is the holster options that sig sends with it are a joke ...you'll have to go aftermarket an get a good leather or kydex holster for it ...aside from that i cant think of any reason NOT to have this gun in your EDC kit at least as an option !
Thank you so much for the info. I too love the gun. I do not regret my purchase in the lease. It is now in my EDC.
no problem ...glad i could help ...i knew you would once you got your hands on 1 for sure !!