in the shop

Electrician (age 46)
Forney, Texas
working in the shop on the farm ... we have some problem predators attacking our chickens / livestock so brought the rifle with me in case they show up while im out here !

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Nice AR. I really like those DD back up sights. I use them on one of my ARs we'll worth the money. Like that cookie cutter also. Or what I perceive to be a cookie cutter. Nice piece man
Justin this is my go to coyote / varmint buster ....and yes your right it is a cookie cutter but to be honest i am not to happy with the cookie cutter ...it was something i had laying around from another AR pistol build and i just threw it on this rifle ...i actually JUST ordered a ares armor adjustable break to replace the cookie cutter ....the reason is this rifle has a match grade/heavy barrel so its not as light as the average AR and if you handle this rifle for any extended amount of time or run any kind of training drills it gets front heavy QUICK ...not to mention the fact that even though i have had the cookie cutter on it for some time now i have
never been able to get used to how loud that break is ...it throws all the gas an sound out both sides an Justin its LOUD ...i mean seriously ...its takes at least 5 or 10 rounds before you can sort of get used to it and resist the urge to flinch ...lol....so i am gettin rid of it for something a little bit lighter ...over all though this has been a great rifle ...i built several before i did this 1 and i kinda tried to use what experience i had from the others to put this 1 together right ,with all the extras that make it a great reliable ,fun to shoot rifle and so far its lived up to that in spades !!
and thank you Justin !!
Yea dude my shooting buddy got a cookie cutter for his 8in 5.56 pistol and yea it is ridiculous. The fireball that comes out of that thing is like nothing I've ever seen. Its a fun gun to shock people with at the range but not very fun to shoot a lot. He also does not like it that much. I built my first AR a year ago and I loved ordering every single part I wanted on it. Very satisfying to be able to handpick everything I wanted to go into my main rifle. I want to try to build a 9mm or 45 at next that would be legit.
HAHAHAHA...man i already know ...something about building them yourself an putting it together exactly the YOU want it really hits the spot ....not to mention the fact that you become intimately familiar with the rifle an the way every part works ...i have been looking atb building a 9mm AR to...my brother just got through putting 1 together ...i gotta say i was pleasantly surprised and impressed at just HOW cool and how much fun it was to shoot ...so i guess i am gunna have to build 1 to,....HAHAHAHA...fuk it !!
Yea man. I love the idea of having an AR that takes Glock mags. My main carry gun is a glock 19. I feel like it would be a great system.