The only thing I am changing within the month is custom parts for the Glock, replacing the Milwakee blade with a spyderco or gerber of equal size and adding a SureFire Titan Plus for a flashlight. This is my everyday carry unless I am at school then I conceal and drop 2 mags. I did not include the extra mag pouch because it is still being shipped.

I also did not include my phone because it's the only thing I have to take pictures with.
Right now it's and HTC thing, soon to be replaced by a Google Pixel XL 32GB Very Silver.

I am one round short in the third mag due to too much shooting at the range. Gotta restock. Took the family out to shoot their revolvers and .22LR rifle so they would be less scared of them if they ever needed to use them. They do no shoot regularly, so I am trying to break their bad habit ;)

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