Chrome Black/Red Collection

I'm a huge bag junkie, especially with Chrome bags. Here is part one of my collection: black/red themed. And yes, I do still use them.

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Do you have something against Internet Explorer? ;)

So I currently have 6 bags I rotate, each a different brand, size and purpose. I had to actually write the specs down for each one to justify buying the last two. Are you in the same boat with this particular set or do you just have multiples of the same class/type? I saw your other post so I know you have way more!
I do have duplicates of some bags (e.g., Citizen, Mini Metro, O.R.P., Mini Buran), but that is because of color schemes (usually limited edition ones). The rest serve different purposes. For example, the Soyuz and Krakow are similar, but when I have a minimal carry to do work at the library, I'll take the Krakow due to it's size and form factor. I also have bags from other companies that I use, either for a particular purpose or just to change things up a bit.