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it says custom knucks ??
A buddy of mine is a machinist who makes some great one off stuff...it's a one finger punch "paperweight"...
man that is badass Tyler ....what are the disk lookin things on your mulittool ??
It's a lanyard on the knux I made out of coyote shock chord and washers/rubber grommets from self tapping sheet metal screws...
very cool ....next time you post a pic of your kit would you post the knuck outside where i can take a peak at it ...i have tried about a half dozen EDC knucks and i have ended up getting rid of nearly every 1 because they wernt truly ''functional'' ...god forbid i ever have to use 1 but if i DO id like it it do the job intended and not leave me or my hand damaged as bad or worse than the target ...i actually got so frustrated that i made my own out of micarta ...its NOT pretty but i will say it IS effective ...ill post a pic of it with my kit for today so you can see what i mean !
Yeah...I think what happens is most state laws don't allow carry of specific force multipliers, so you get bottle openers and paperweights to circumvent the sale or purchase and carry
What you seem to end up with is a "multitool" that cracks cold ones great, crack a skull not so much...my guy makes mostly tube chasis off-road parts, but does real small run, force multipliers items from D2 steel and billet aluminum..he made me an LED tac pen, Fisher cartridges, that's on par with some of the higher end Hinderer/bencmade pens at a much lower cost. He keeps saying he's gonna do an Etsy store, and whenever he gets around to it I'll let ya know...this knux puts a hole in stuff, fits snug and leaves plenty of room between ring and finger to keep the impact forward without end user organic failure...if you're interested, the RAIDOPS is technically a multitool/prybar but it's primary tertiary function is kubotan/force multiplier...but there usa crafted/Korean manufactured and their turn around time isn't spectacular...