Pocket/Bag Dump

As I work in community mental health I am forbidden from packing heat on the job, so when I am at work everything but gun and holster are on my person (either in my shoulder bag or pockets). When out and about without a bag I generally keep everything but the light and knife. If I need to slim down the load even more I'll ditch the wallet and just toss my driver's permit and a credit card into my phone case. Simple and light. When a bag is needed I usually have a Petzl Bug or Man-Pack Spitfire, both have pockets that are either designed for (or allow) conceal carry if I need to move the gun off my body for some reason.

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Awesome man, I also carry a PX4 Storm, but the subcompact, in a sticky holster!
I wanted the subcompact but nobody local had one in stock in .40. Still getting used to the difference in barrel lengths but nice to have a gun that's more easily carried.