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Nice! How do you like the 319-1. Pros cons?
Absolutely loving the 319, really nice smooth micarta, blade centering was perfect out of the box and it came razor sharp. Really comfy in the hand, doesn't snap closed like an SAK or GEC but it's a nice smooth action on it. Normally I prefer a knife with one hand opening and a pocket clip but for me this is just perfection. As my first Benchmade I can now say I "get it" :D
I love the walk & talk of my Northwoods and GEC. BUT, the 319 really shouldn't have walk & talk being a "modern" slip joint. You've talked me into buy one.
I don't think that you'll be disappointed, it is a very different beast in terms of the action but they are very well made, and it's nice to have a half modern half traditional slipjoint.
How do you like that pen my friend? I have got my eye on the bronze version.
The Henderer Investigator is a great pocket pen but it it's as easy to write with as say a Schon Pen.
It's a really nice pen, very solid, nice weight to it. But it needs to be said that it is very small, so if you have large hands i'd try out a pen or pencil that is around 11 cm (around 4 inches) just to see if it's long enough for your hand. I find it to be just long enough. The space pen refill is decent, the newer ones are a massive improvement on the old refills that used to skip and blob all over the paper. It isn't as good as a gel or rollerball but it is at least on par with a Parker Quink refill now with the added benefit of being able to write pretty much anywhere.
Little update on the pen, it's already starting to show some patina, it's darkening up and looks really nice. The pen was basically new out of the packet in the picture.