Finally got my bit bar!!

Melbourne, Australia

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Is that Jotter barrel matte black? if so, I've never seen that before. I'm going to have to get one, I've always gone for the SS. I'm an EDC pen collector and its my go to for meetings at work.
Yeah it's a matte black finish. I bought it from my local office supply store. I love the Jotter, it might be my favourite EDC pen.
I'm as excited about mine as well!
I use mine to take out equipment in IT racks. It's OK for that but can be a little wide on it's own without the extension bar. Apart from that it works well.
Yeah I can see it losing a bit of functionality without the extension bar. Luckily for me I use mine mainly in settings that don't require as much reach, like my bike or taking apart my pocket knife to clean it.
How do you like the Bit Bar? I noticed it on kickstarter but didn't go through with it, is that how you purchased it?
Yeah I got it from the Kickstarter 😁
So far I like it a lot, although I've only had it for about a week. I like that I can customise what I carry and that it holds 8 bits. It also carries really nicely, a lot like a pocket knife.
I thought that it looked like a nice piece of kit till I saw the price.